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"That's not Leia, that's Mary with a Blaster" - Joaniacy

1. Name: XJasonX
2. Age: 17th year

3. Your most awesome nickname: Wocket

4. Favorite Bands/Musical Artists (10): Poison the Well, Atreyu, Hatebreed, Underoath, From Autumn to Ashes, Thursday, Dashboard Confessionals, Jack Johnson, As I Lay Dying, And Throwdown

5. Favorite Movies (5): Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Last Samurai, Shawshank Redemption, And Fight Club

6. Favorite Books (3): The Count of Monte Cristo, Bloods, Sohpie's World

7. Who would play you in the movie of your life?: Umm... They would probably cast the cheapest actor they could find, but if I had the choice I would choose Toby Mcquire, in one of his more nerdy roles like Peter Parker pre-spiderman, because anyone who was going to play me would have to be able to pull of the whole nerdcore thing.

8. What is your opinion on:

a. Abortion: When I grow a uterus and two ovaries, then my opinion will hold any merit, but untill then this is just a mute point, but pro-choice.

b. Foreign Policy: We have an obligation to ourselves not much else, it's great to help others out, but that should be done with out tanks, troops, etc.

c. Fred Durst: No reall opinion on this man, expect... wait... oh... I retract that, for some unexplainable reason I absolutely must HATE him! :P

9. Favorite Quote or Lyric: "not often, but once in a lifetime, maybe even less than that, a person comes along. And this person is nothing less than miraculious. And by some weird twist of fate you will end up with this person, and you will kiss and that kiss will blurr the world around you and your life will have meaning and purpose. That dull hollowness that has always lingered deep within you will just fade away into the background. And for once in your lifetime, just once you will believe that you could possibly die happy. When this moment occurs you will know, you will know you've found the one, the one who means everything and more to you." - Jason Wohlschlegel

10. Favorite Yo' Mama Joke: Yo' Mama so fat, her nickname is 'you gonna eat that?'

11. If you had a lightsaber, what color would it be: Obviously Purple.

FUCKING PICTURES AREN'T CO-OPERATING!!! So I Shall Have to Send You Some Later.
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no pics?? what is this... a rating community made by your girlfriend?!?!?! okay. so it is.hehe.
Damn you cought me, but I have already talked to her about it and she is even going to help me post em since my comp is/was being a bitch.
well maybe if you didnt refer to it as a bitch, it would work nicer. hehe
And I call him my smart, overachieving boyfriend.